[Samba] Windows security policy

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Tue Nov 28 20:15:35 GMT 2006

Matheus Morais escribió:
> Hello everybody!!
> I have a big network here with many machines with different operating
> systems (Linux, Windows 9x/2000/XP and FreeBSD). Currently all of them
> are
> authenticated by a Debian GNU/Linux server running SAMBA with LDAP. It
> works
> perfectly but I have some problems to block some features from Windows
> users.
> I'm looking for some tool to control the user rights around his own
> station
> from the server. Acctually I'm using POLEDIT (wich generates two policy
> files named CONFIG.POL NTCONFIG.POL) to do that job but Its a very
> limited
> tool and to be honest its giving me more problems than solutions.
> For that specific reason I'm searching for someone who already faced that
> kind of necessity and obtained success to supply it.
> Any tip is very welcomed!
> Thanks,
> Matheus Morais
http://wpkg.org/    ???

http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net/   ???

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