[Samba] Preference of local or domain profile

Douglas Phillipson phillipd at oem.doe.gov
Mon Nov 27 18:17:26 GMT 2006

Douglas Phillipson wrote:
> With Samba v3.x and WinXP, if there is a local profile on the users PC 
> when the user logs on while hooked to a Samba DC, should the PC check 
> for the DC profiles password prior to checking the local profiles 
> password?  I have a client PC, originally with no local profile, the 
> user logs in to the Samba domain, his profile is downloaded to the PC. I 
> have his group policy set so it won't delete the profile when he logs 
> out so he can remove his PC from the network and he can still use his 
> domain account and password.  The problem comes in when his domain 
> password is changed and he re-attaches his PC to the domain.  The PC 
> appears to use the local profile rather than the domain for credentials. 
>  I thought if there was a domain controller that the client PC should 
> ALWAYS prefer the DC to a local profile.  This occurs as it should with 
> a Windows AD domain, but not with the Samba domain.  Do I have some 
> settings or policies set wrong?  I hope I've explained this correctly...
> Thanks
> Doug P

I haven't seen any posts concerning this problem.  Am I explaining my 
problem sufficiently well?  This isn't a dumb question, is it?


Doug P

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