[Samba] HP Photosmart C6180 and smbclient (and other unix based smb clients)

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Mon Nov 27 12:49:07 GMT 2006


I'm trying to access a share called MEMORY_CARD on an HP Photosmart C6180 from a linux system.  Smbclient keeps returning some 
form of access denied.  Strangely enough, the finder application on Mac OS X is able to 'mount' it.  I get the same error with 
smbclient under OS X.  Windows has no trouble accessing it through explorer as well as through calls to net use with cmd.  
Attached is a typescript and a pcap capture of what happens when I try to do an smbclient -L of the system.  Any help would be 


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Script started on Sat 25 Nov 2006 07:35:13 AM EST
loquat:/home/vincas# msmbclient -L
Domain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[ThreadX] Server=[NQ 4.22]

	Sharename       Type      Comment
	---------       ----      -------
cli_rpc_pipe_open: cli_nt_create failed on pipe \srvsvc to machine  Error was ERRSRV - ERRnosupport (Function not supported.)
Error returning browse list: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
Domain=[WORKGROUP] OS=[ThreadX] Server=[NQ 4.22]

	Server               Comment
	---------            -------

	Workgroup            Master
	---------            -------
loquat:/home/vincas# exit

Script done on Sat 25 Nov 2006 07:35:25 AM EST

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