[Samba] Samba + LDAP + ¿Kerberos?

Michael Schurter michael at susens-schurter.com
Sat Nov 25 20:29:06 GMT 2006

Asier Baranguán wrote:
> Hi!
> Perhaps this is not the appropiate list, but I need some advices.
> I have a working Samba PDC with a LDAP backend over a secure TLS 
> connection, with W2000 and XP clients. I've readed in a lot of places 
> that Kerberos is a very nice thing to have in the setup but I cannot see 
> why. I know the foundations of kerberos but I can't see how much "value" 
> will add to the setup.
> I'm missing something? please, help.

Windows clients (as well as properly configured UNIX clients) will use 
Kerberos to authenticate against your PDC and between one another.  The 
advantage Kerberos has is that it allows single sign on: 2 clients both 
authenticate once against the PDC, and then they can use their kerberos 
tickets to authenticate one another as well (without having to manually 
login with usernames and passwords again).

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