[Samba] Software for AIX available [WAS: AIX Testers Needed].

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Fri Nov 24 01:34:20 GMT 2006


The ftp site above contains IBM installp format packages that install into 
/opt/pware so it doesn't interfere with existing /usr/local installations. 
A few packages (BDB, MySQL, Apache and Samba) can have several versions 
installed concurrently, others are replaced on upgrade.

Some packages of interest include GCC 4.1.1, Apache 2.0.59 with PHP 5.2.0 
[which includes support for MS-SQL (via freeTDS), MySQL, Oracle (via the 
Oracle Instant Client), XML, etc.], Ruby, Python, Freeradius and Amanda.

Many thanks to those who have tested these packages and provided feedback 
to improve the quality. Thanks also to Jerry Carter for supporting this 
form of packaging for the AIX Samba binaries.

This software has been tested on AIX 5.2 (TL-08 and higher) and AIX 5.3 
(TL-04 and higher). It has also been tested on full system, LPAR and 
Virtual I/O Client configurations.

Be sure to read the README and TO-DO files and provide any feedback, 
suggestions for software or if you wish to participate in maintenance.




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