[Samba] security at user level and public access

Davide Tiziani davide at davo.it
Wed Nov 22 17:20:19 GMT 2006

i'm following a book and i'm trying to setup a simple workgroup. it 
seems to be possible to set security at user level so i can have 
restricted access to some directories but also set guest allowed so i 
can have one directory accessible by everybody where i can share non 
important things.

but when i try to access the public folder still i need to login with a 
valid user. i created a dummy user that everybody can use, but is it 
possible to avoid this?

i know that it's a stupid question, can you just link me a page where i 
can learn it, if it's possible?

i'm using a ubuntu 6.06 server with samba 3.022


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