[Samba] Setup advice needed from new user

Tor Harald Thorland linux at strigen.com
Wed Nov 22 07:35:36 GMT 2006


I'm pretty new to samba, and need some advice on what i need to setup,  
so that it would
not be an "overkill" or some cheap solution.

The Existing is:
- A domain with a some servers and 50+ clients.
- One of the servers has some folders which you can map as a network  
drive, with a
user-name at domain.com and a password.
- That computer has a restriction of 10 simultaneously users.

What I was planning to do:
- Setup a Linux box with samba, and mount those folders to it, then  
share so that people
can map/connect the same way as they do today with user-name and password.

Additional info:
- The username does not really need to be the usernames they have  
today. I can use a
single "static one" if that is easier that going through AD
- I still need to keep that windows server, as there is some programs  
running at the same
folders as we need to share.

- I got some good howtos on setting up with ad and file sharing, but  
is that really
- Do i need that to connect to the file server to map the drives?

Any suggestions is good as I'm new to this.

Best Regards
Tor Harald Thorland

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