[Samba] Cant access shares with netbios name

Nguyen Kim Huy huy at vn.nec-tokin.com
Wed Nov 22 05:46:57 GMT 2006

> \\\vol1 but not if I use the netbios name \\linuxserver\vol1.
Check whether nmbd is running or not.

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006 22:25:54 -0800
"Dennis Clark" <Dennis.Clark at patten.edu> wrote:

> I can access resources just fine if I  reference the server by ip, \\\vol1 but not if I use the netbios name \\linuxserver\vol1.  The latter usage results in a prompt for user ID and PW.  If I login as root it works, if I login as any other user in spite of assigned rights, login is rejected.  Users are assigned to domain admin, all shares are configured to allow full access to domain admin.  What is the problem here?  This is the case from any workstation, all have netbios over tcpip enabled, and the wins server entry on the workstation points to the win2k3 dns server.
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