[Samba] Question on profile precidence

Douglas Phillipson phillipd at oem.doe.gov
Tue Nov 21 21:59:44 GMT 2006

I'm trying to convince a Windows admin to try Samba.  One worry of his 
is the following issue using 3.0.9:

When the computer is not attached to a network he wants the cached 
profile to allow a user access to a machine.  I know this works.  But 
when the users domain (samba) password was changed on the PDC, and the 
computer was re-attached to the network, the local profile was used 
instead of the domain profile.  In other words, after changing the users 
domain password with smbpasswd, the user was not able to use the new 
domain password because there was a local profile on the machine for 
that user.  He says in an AD domain, the client machine will look for a 
domain profile first, and fail over to a local login profile.  My 
machine appeared to prefer the local profile, and password, even though 
there was a DC attached.


Doug P

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