[Samba] Sluething

Mr. Demeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Tue Nov 21 13:28:19 GMT 2006

Moondance Foxmarnick wrote:
> The Fedora/SAMBA box after thinking a long time would only bring up
> Grub. The rescue CD could not mount /dev/sda1. 3 sips of Whisky later
> (not really, but it communicates how I felt.. I'm still wet behind
> the ears..)

Try drinking the stuff. Dabbing it behind your ears is for girls to do
with cologne.
> I have a SID. How do I translate that into the user who was in the
> room 3 min before shutdown?

pdbedit -vL

lists full user details, including SIDs.


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