[Samba] Problem with Swat

Peter Foster petefozzil at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 04:20:25 GMT 2006

I am using samba on ubuntu linux as a standalone server for a school network
of xp mahines.
I have installed swat and managed to get access from clients over the
network after also installing netkit-inetd.

However, even though I have mapped unix admin to nt domain admins, (and I
have also made myself a member of root in linux) I cannot configure the
smb.conf from swat. (only shows default user page)

Also when I try to alter any swat parameter by using swat command in linux
eg "sudo swat -s /etc/samba/smb.conf"  then it asks for my password and
promptly hangs, ie I can no longer enter commands into linux and the only
way out of this seems to be to do a control-alt-delete and restart linux.

Possibly related is the fact that many net rpc commands ask for a password
an then refuse to accept it so I cannot give all the windows rights to teh
domain admins group.  (I presume that this is the only way to get rights in
samba even though there is no domain and it is acting as a standalone
server) the feeling I have is that samba does not want to see me as the
administrator even though I thought I had covered all the steps needed to
make me so.


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