[Samba] problem authenticating to domain member server

Jill Hollis marknjillhollis at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 17 10:58:03 GMT 2006


I've been trying to setup a linux box as a samba fax

Using Suse 9.3, kernel 2.6.11, samba 3.0.13

Smb.conf is setup to use winbind and security=ads.
Joined the domain(W2K). Kinit, wbinfo, getent all work
no problem.

However, there is one strange problem when attempting
to connect to the server from an XP box on the

When I try to access the server through Network
Neighborhood I am only authenticated as a guest and
only guest shares are available. If I try to access
other shares I get a password prompt that never
accepts any password.

But now here is the strange thing, if I connect first
through DOS Prompt using: "net use * \\SMBServer\Share
/USER:DOMAIN\user" THEN I am correctly authenticated
and can get access to all the shares also through
Windows Explorer???????? 

Please does anyone have any ideas how to fix this
problem? I have been searching lists and googling for
months to no avail.

Thanks in advance.


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