[Samba] Very slow changing permissions from Windows client

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Fri Nov 17 16:07:35 GMT 2006

> Now copying and accessing files is plenty fast, but when setting up
> permissions on directories that contain 100 GB or so of files and
> subdirectories takes like 60 minutes from the time I hit Ok to the
> time the permission are applied and the box goes away.  This is being
> set from a Windows client by the way (not using setfacl on the linux
> box or anything).
> Any idea why this could be so slow?  Setting permissions on the same
> directories on the old Windows file server would take maybe a minute.

More than likely Samba is doing the equivalent of the 'Advanced' > 
'Replace permission entries on all child objects...' option.

I guarantee you that if you did this on a Windows 2000/XP box on a 
directory that had 100GB of files in it, it would take just as long, if 
not longer.


Best regards,


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