[Samba] STATUS_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE when writing to a file....

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Nov 16 22:00:35 GMT 2006

On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 08:47:15PM -0500, Brian Cowan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Have any of you seen this little darling of an error on writing to a 
> file? The sequence of events goes something like this:
> 1) File is opened for reading on a Samba server with oplocks disabled. 
> Open request is requesting a batch oplock.
> 2) File open SUCCEEDS. (Should this have happened?)
> 3) File is read, stat'd etc. over and over.
> 4) A request comes through to write to the file.
> I think that the client had an odd interpretation of what a batch oplock 
> let it get away with. There is also a filter driver in the way that does 
> odd things (ClearCase MVFS), and this could be related, but the odd 
> thing is that the error ONLY happens when accessing [ClearCase Views on] 
> Samba shares. I'm thinking that the client thought it could do anything 
> it wanted since it thought it had a batch oplock.
> My question is, shouldn't the samba server "bounce" an open request that 
> includes a request for a Batch Oplock (or any oplock at all, for that 
> matter)?
> Yes, I have a network trace that shows the problem, but I can't exactly 
> sent it out since it contains proprietary information.

The network trace would be useful. But (a) what Samba version,
(b) a debug level 10 would help.


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