[Samba] Last Modified Date different on files after Daylight Savings

Michael Casale mcasale at knoa.com
Thu Nov 16 17:14:09 GMT 2006

Good morning all,


Here is an issue a user just reported:


One Windows XP developer occasionally runs a program to sync his local
folder with his folder on his Samba share. The program compares "last
modified date" of the files, and backs up only what has changed.


After the last Daylight Savings Time change, he noticed that the files
on the Samba share are one hour ahead of the files on his local system. 


If he changes his local system date back to July, the time changes back
on his files.


I have Red Hat Linux AS 4. The clock settings in the
/etc/sysconfig/clock file are:







Thanks for any help on this.


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