[Samba] unix group membership -- broken in 3.0.23c?

Dmitry Karasik dmitry at karasik.eu.org
Thu Nov 16 11:01:41 GMT 2006

> Hmmm. Not really. This is part of the behaviour that changed
> with 3.0.23, we now have a defined order how we figure out
> unqualified names to SIDs. It might have found "mygroup"
> somewhere else before.

Yes, I looked at the source again, and indeed it might check other
sources before falling back to /etc/group. However, the text below
to be in contradiction to this behavior:

> All unqualified names are 
> assumed to be local to the Unix host, either as part of the server's 
> local passdb or in the local system list of accounts (e.g. /etc/passwd 
> or /etc/group).

I agree that it might not be a bug in the source, but that then one in
documentation then? I didn't proofread 'man smb.conf' but it seems also

	Dmitry Karasik

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