[Samba] AutoCad and ArcView

James McLaughlin jamesm at co.montrose.co.us
Wed Nov 15 16:30:36 GMT 2006

Hello all,

Just curious if anyone else has a SAMBA server that is serving up
AutoCad and ArcView files to users on Windows.  

We are utilizing a RAID 5 setup on dual 2.8 GHZ 
Intel Controller card (all latest firmware, BIOS etc...etc..)

Only 4 users are accessing the server, but it seems after a few days the
server starts to choke up, lock files, and it causes a hardware issue.
(We have burned through 2 320GB drives in 2 months)
It is possible of course that the controller card is failing, but to
take some of the stress off of the machine does anyone have a tweaked
smb.conf that has NO issues with serving up files of this size all day

Thanks in advance
James C. McLaughlin
Montrose County IT
Office: (970) 252-4598
Cell: (970) 209-8329 

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