[Samba] Documented format of smbusers file??

Cris Rhea crhea at mayo.edu
Wed Nov 15 16:17:51 GMT 2006

The samba.org documentation page does not provide a man page for the possible formats
for the smbusers file.

I am fighting with samba->Active Directory and mapping AD users to Unix logins.

The AD guy says credentials can be either:

<Domain NetbiosName>/<lanid>


<lanid>@<Domain FQDN>

BUT, I seem to be having luck (with some help from the log files) using:

unixuser = fqdn\lanid


unixuser = short-netbiosname\lanid

Neither of these is the UPN (<lanid>@<Domain FQDN>) format.

Are there docs someplace that discuss in detail the exact format of mappings in the smbusers file??


--- Cris

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