[Samba] IP-to-Username lookups

Michael Schurter michael at susens-schurter.com
Wed Nov 15 14:11:41 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 11:59 -0200, Cleber P. de Souza wrote:
> A suggestion may 'set utmp = yes' into your smb.conf.
> So, with 'w' command you could see the logged on users and their IPs.

I need to look up usernames for IPs from a workstation on a Windows 2000
ADS network.  From what I can tell utmp only supports local sessions.

I suppose what I'm looking for is something like a remote smbstatus.  It
seems this wish has been around for a while:

Thanks for your help!

Michael Schurter

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