[Samba] Inherited permissions problem

ext-Ian.R.White at nokia.com ext-Ian.R.White at nokia.com
Mon Nov 13 14:03:47 GMT 2006

> Hi,
> I have read through this thread because I am also trying to achieve
> what Ryan describes below:
> I guess I should have probably left those mask parameters out of my
> example. All I want to happen is if I have a folder which is 0777, and
> a file is created in it, it is also 0777. If the folder is 0744, so
> are created files. If I set force create mode = 0755, all files
> everywhere are created like that. If I have a folder that is 0700,
> inherit permissions = yes, and force create mode = 0755, the files
> created in the folder are 0755, whereas I want them to be 0700. Maybe
> I'm just confusing myself :) Thanks again for all the help!
> So far I have been unsuccessful.  I read the smb.conf man page, which
> is where I got the idea that "inherit permissions = yes" was what I
> needed to achieve the above.  However it does not.
> I don't want to use "force create mode = yes" for the same reason as
> Ryan mentioned.
> Your help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Ian

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