[Samba] Reducing spurious change notifications on a mounted Win XP share

Paul Dixon lordelph at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 11:13:23 GMT 2006

Linux box with Win XP Pro share mounted onto it appears to send
spurious change notifications when the Windows box modifies a file on
the share.

I have an up-to-date Linux server (Ubuntu 6.06LTS) running Samba 3.0.22

This server has a share from an XP Professional desktop mounted onto
it. The relevant fstab entry looks like this

//DEATHSTAR/workspace /home/paul/workspace   smbfs
0 0

The share is my Eclipse workspace for web development- editing and
version control is much zippier on a local hard drive than over the
network, and the samba share means the Linux box can see it for
testing with Apache etc

There's just one problem - more often than not, when I try to save a
file on the Windows desktop in the shared area I get a "File has been
changed on the file system do you want to overwrite the changes" or
similar dialog. Similarly, if I switch focus after saving a file and
come back to the editor, I'll get a "file has changed, do you want to

To be clear, these are files on my local Windows disk, and things work
fine if I don't mount the workspace on the server. It seems the server
sends change notification messages that it shouldn't be doing.

Any clues as to how I could correct this or what the cause might be?

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