[Samba] Problem in production enviroment 3.0.23c-1

S. J. van Harmelen sander.vanharmelen at isp.solcon.nl
Sun Nov 12 16:43:53 GMT 2006


We use Samba as backend for an IIS webfarm (shared hosting). Some of our
customers are using Frontpage extentions to manage their site. Now when
uploading a new folder or file the users are getting:

Cannot read or set the permissions for file \\server\share\file:
initializing the SD failed

When you click OK (you can only click OK at this point) the folder or
file is created and the rights are also as the should be (even the extra
ACL enties are fine), but the publication of the site is stopped and has
to be started again.

So how to get rid of the above error? Now for every new file or folder
our customers have the click on OK and start publishing again until they
hit the next new file or folder and then is starts over again.

I have a logfile and a tcpdump from the same session where this happens,
but I can't find the solution in there. So if someone with a better eye
want's to take a look I would be very greatful!! Just reply and I will
send the log and the trace.

Last bit of info: I've had this exact error before and at that time
adding "acl group control" and "dos filemode" was the solution. But they
are still here now...

Really hope someone can spare a few minutes!!

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