[Samba] getting linux to authenticate with windows 2003

Bob Jaques bjaques at cablecar.net
Sat Nov 11 00:32:45 GMT 2006

I am setting up samba in a windows 2003 environment and am trying to 
confirm kerberos authentication.
When I run kinit on my Linux machine I get a message

kinit administrator at cablecar.local
administrator at cablecar.local's Password
kinit:: krb5_get_init_creds: unable to reach any KDC in realm 

I can ping my domain server by name just fine. Am I missing something 
that needs to be either done on windows or on linux
to enable that

 I also tried modifying krb5.conf to no avail also

        default_realm = CABLECAR.LOCAL
        clockskew = 300

                CABLECAR.LOCAL = {
                kdc = email.cablecar.local
                default_domain = cablecar.local
                kpasswd_server = email.cablecar.local
                admin_server = email.cablecar.local

        .cablecar.local = CABLECAR.LOCAL

my windows dns server is the only namesever listed in resolv.conf

I am at a loss what am I missing


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