[Samba] Checklist for eDirectory back-end?

Mike Hogan mhogan at theiteam.ca
Fri Nov 10 23:14:58 GMT 2006

Aren't Friday's wonderful!  I've just been hit up with a request from
management to install Samba on our Solaris 8 UNIX servers to share out
information to the windows PC's.  This wouldn't be an issue if the
backend was Windows AD but in our case it's eDirectory.  The shares also
need to be seamlessly accessible to eDirectory based groups/users
without interfering with the NIS running on the UNIX systems.  Oh, and
have this done by Friday next week (good luck!).


Does anyone have a checklist or cheat-sheet for an installing Samba on a
UNIX box using eDirectory for a back-end?  I looked through the archive
but couldn't find anything even at a high level that might be of
assistance (most of it references Linux or AD).


Thanks in advance!







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