[Samba] Usernames with mixed case problems

Andrew Watkins andrew at dcs.bbk.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 16:52:38 GMT 2006


Just noticed this problem, which I have not been able to find a solution 
  at the normal locations:

We use samba to mount Solaris file systems on PC with Microsoft Active 
Directory as the domain control.

We have a few users who have been given usernames with mixed case 
WStudent in windows (God knows why the PC guys did this, but it is to 
late to change it) and now these users can not mount any filesystem, 
since they get a permission problem. Of course I have all users and home 
directories in lower case on unix.

What appears in the log.smbd

'/home/WStudent' does not exist or permission denied when connecting to 
[WStudent] Error was No such file or directory

my smb.conf file has this section:
         path = /home/%S
         browseable = no
         guest ok = no
         read only = no
         path = %H
         browseable = no
         guest ok = no
         read only = no

What work and does not:
	\\server\home		OK
	\\server\wstudent	FAILS
	\\server\WStudent	FAILS
	\\server\anotheruser	FAILS	to see someone else's directory

and of course a normal lowercase user can do all the above with no problems.

I can solve this by renaming the mount mount on the server as 
/home/WStudent, but I would rather not. I have also tried using some of 
the case option in samba with out any luck.

Any ideas.....

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