[Samba] Samba 3.0.23c: possible bug when printing to WinXP printer

Peter sw98234 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 8 10:58:23 GMT 2006

Prior to filing a bug, I wanted the list to review and possibly comment.

Slackware 11
WinXP Pro, SP2 with latest updates
CUPS versions tested 1.2.4/5/6
Samba versions tested 3.0.23c/22
Printer tested, Brother HL 1440 on XP machine
XP peer set up to allow guest access and file and print sharing are

# testparm 
Loaded services file OK.
WARNING: passdb expand explicit = yes is deprecated
        security = SHARE
        hosts allow = 192.168., 172.16., 127.0.

With Samba 3.0.23c and any CUPS version, any attempt to print via cups or
with the smbspool command to a printer attached to an XP Pro peer will
result in this error:

`Unable to connect to CIFS host, will retry in 60 seconds'

After three retries, CUPS will disable the printer.

Using 3.0.22 does not cause this error and print jobs are transmitted

However, when using 3.0.23c I can connect to the printer 

smbclient //xppc/printer

and print a text file to it using

smb:\> print filename

with no error other than missing the CR/LF at EOL.

Additional Info:
I have also been experiencing a problem printing from an XP Home Laptop to
a Samba 3.0.23c server set up as Standalone/Share level yet other XP
Professional PCs have no trouble printing. (See earlier mail to this list:
XP Home can't print to Samba.) I don't know if the two are related.

So, for me, at least, 3.0.23c is a real problem and this inability to
print to an XP peer is a major block.

I am not sure if the problem is with the smbspool program or the samba
libraries. Please let me know if I can provide additional information.

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