[Samba] some directories not accessible

Wolfgang Gassler list at handyinfo.at
Tue Nov 7 23:41:33 GMT 2006


I have a really strange problem.

smb server: 3.0.10-1.fc3
smb client: 3.0.23c-2 (fc6, same problem with fc5)

fstab entry on client:
// /pinguin_data cifs credentials...

some directories in /pinguin_data are accessible and some are not. all
permissions on the serve side are the same. I get the following error
> bash-3.1$ ls /pinguin_data/abc/
ls: reading directory /pinguin_data/abc/: Invalid argument
> bash-3.1$ ls /pinguin_data/def/
...works fine

I tried to remove all files in the abc directory. after this step, the
directory was accessible again. I searched for strange characters but
then I found out, that the problem depends on the number and size of
files in the directory (limit is about 70 files and 500MB). logs don't
tell me anything...

a few weeks ago, everything works fine - perhaps a smb client update
(yum) is responsible, but I am not sure. another interesting detail is,
that accessing the directories from a windows machine doesn't show any
errors, everything works fine there.

anybody some clues?


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