[Samba] samba & MS Access problems

Juan Ignacio Barbosa ignacio.barbosa at hiperusera.es
Tue Nov 7 10:48:28 GMT 2006

Hi, I'm having an odd behaviour with a samba file server (3.0.14a) on
ubuntu 5.10 breezy an MS access files. When  a user open an mdb file,
this file can't be opened by anyone else by doubleclicking on it,
(simply nothing happens), BUT if I open Ms Access and then open the file
manually from there, there is no problem.
I'v tried on Windows XP shares and this is not happening. I'v tried a
newer version of ubuntu+samba (6.06+3.0.24) but the problem it's still
Any idea how to solve this, if posible?

Thank you!
Juan Ignacio Barbosa


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