[Samba] noobie winbind question

Steve Glasser steve at fpig.net
Mon Nov 6 23:16:16 GMT 2006

Oh great samba gurus,

I am confused about what winbind provides.  I believe that in a network
with a Windows PDC winbind allows windows domain users to access
resources on a Linux Samba server.  However, from the Samba-3 Howto:

Winbind provides three separate functions: 

      *   Authentication of user credentials (via PAM). This makes it
        possible to log onto a UNIX/Linux system using user and group
        accounts from a Windows NT4 (including a Samba domain) or an
        Active Directory domain. 
Does that mean that with a Samba PDC with winbindd running, samba users
could log onto a Linux machine without having a Linux user account? 


Steve Glasser <steve at fpig.net>

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