[Samba] Samba, Word and WIN XP

Ute Ferlein ute.ferlein at gmx.de
Sat Nov 4 11:00:30 GMT 2006

I have already posted my problem. But I have not got help.
I have the following network: Samba 3.0.20, WIN 2000 und WIN XP clients.
When I use Samba 3.0.20, Word XP (with other programs it works fine) and 
WIN XP or 2000 the archive bit is not setted.
I have testet the following:
When I use Word 97  and WIN XP the archive bit is setted.
When I use WIN 98 and Word XP the archive bit is setted.
Also when I save the file to another WIN PC the archive bit is setted.
Where can be the problem?

Thanks for help

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