[Samba] Roaming Profile gets deleted

Florian Zierer ziererf at in.tum.de
Fri Nov 3 13:40:04 GMT 2006

Hi there,

I try to move our W2K Domain to samba.

I managed to dump a list of the old users with its SID's and created 
them on the samba domain which has the same sid like the old W2k domain. 
Then the users should be able to use their old roaming profile without 
changing the profiles sid.

This works if the computer which acesses the domain has already the 
profile on its disk.
If the profile is not there, the default profile gets loaded and the 
profile on the samba server gets overwritten.
It is the same for new computers without any user profile. The samba 
profile does not get loaded but the default one and whe closing the 
session the samba profile gets overwritten.

If I use this default profile all works well or if the profile already 
exists I can work as exspected.

If I delete the local Profile in c:\Documents and Settings\<username>
and then log in once more, the default profile gets loaded instead of 
mine on the samba domain and my original gets overwritten.

Does anybod know where the problem is or where i can get more information.

If you need parts of the logfiles, just mail.

Thanks in advance

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