[samba] configuring smb, winbind, kerberos & password snych

Rhiannon.Henning at sungard.com Rhiannon.Henning at sungard.com
Thu Nov 2 16:54:43 GMT 2006

I am running RHEL ES ver 4 and thus far have got basic samba
functionality. I have setup public shares and printers for users to
access. It works as long as they authenticating against the local samba
database. My goal is to have users pass their windows credentials along
to samba and map shares to each user based upon their group id, (sales,
accounting, IT, etc.)



I am a little confused as to how I should configure both Winbind and
Kerberos. There is a GUI associated with
/usr/bin/system-config-authentication. There are two tabs, one for user
information, and one for authentication. The GUI gives the option to
configure Winbind for both user info and authentication. The samba
documentation I have read seems to be written for those who only have
one domain and one DC to work with. The samba server is setup on a
separate domain than our users. There is a trust between the domains
that allows users to access resources housed on the servers residing on
the other domain. I am guessing that I should configure Winbind for the
domain, where my users are at? Also under the authentication tab are
configs for SMB and Kerberos. At this point I am not sure if I should
configure any of them for the domain that samba is joined to. 


Presently, we are using a retired version of NetWare and had to manually
enter users into the database and create groups for them there. I would
like to avoid this if possible.


Thanks for your help,


Rhiannon Henning



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