[Samba] Screamer of a problem...

tim at qfoke.com tim at qfoke.com
Thu Nov 2 14:16:03 GMT 2006

Hey guys,

Got a screamer of a problem for ya.  This one I really can't explain.

I've just done a Yum update of my Fedora Core 5 box (it's just come  
out of "being in the workshop") and as part of that it's grabbed the  
latest Sambe (3.0.23).  The setup was working fine previously.

Right now though ... when I boot my WinXP SP2 box, I can authenticate  
against the Samba box.  But every time I access a share ... the PC  
reboots.  A complete cold boot, too!

I've tried booting into Safe Mode with Networking Support, and every  
time I access a share, I get the following error: \\\Home  
is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network  
resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you  
have access permissions.  The specified network name is no longer  

Note that I have been previously able to access this share.

I'm gonna do a spyware and virus scan, but I'm not sure whether  
that'll fix it....

Any ideas?


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