[Samba] Call a script after every file modification

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Wed Nov 1 22:06:07 GMT 2006

Take a look at VFS modules for samba.

These can do what you are asking.

31 okt 2006 kl. 11:05 skrev Holakovsky, Michael:

> Is there a simple possibility to hook in a script which is called  
> every
> time a file is modified via smbd, e.g. a user is adding a file via  
> samba
> share? The script should get also the filename too :-)
> The intended purpose is to duplicate the write operations of samba to
> another disk. Yes I know there exists RAID and Rsync and other  
> software,
> but I want to use it for longtime archiving purposes, therefore RAID
> lacks data corruption features and needs many disks and Rsync and  
> others
> are not realtime enough to duplicate the modifications on a other  
> disk.
> Script would be fine because I don't think that I'm able to write a  
> hack
> for that. I'm web developer not C specialist.
> regards Mischa
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