[Samba] Request

Mark Adams madams9 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 18:41:37 GMT 2006

I apologize if this is out of line or the incorrect venue to make my

I have spent months, off and on, attempting to download a large iso file
through my Linux desktop to my Linux-based server. It was frustrating
and damn near impossible. I kept suffering failures when the file size
hit 2Gig.  I asked around in several newsgroups, I believe this mailing
list, and some web forums to no avail.  I finally sorted the matter out
and was able to receive my iso image.

The holdup was that SAMBA involves a 2 Gigabyte file size limit that no
one ever mentioned.  I finally stumbled onto the details and by simply
adding "lfs" near the end of my fstab mount statements for my server's
SAMBA shares.  Once I had that piece of information, it took about 10
minutes to fix the statements and remount the shares.  I understand
there is also a way to mount SAMBA shares as cifs shares which does not
appear to be as feature rich, but does overcome the 2Gb file size limit.

We are operating in a day and age of broadband Internet service, DVD
media, and downloadable software (like Linux distribution iso for
example), that easily exceed 2Gb.  I would like to request that the
"lfs" command option and perhaps even the "cifs" option be better
documented in the manpage.

This assuming the archaic 2 Gb limit can not be overcome in subsequent
versions of SAMBA.

Thank you.

Mark E. Adams

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