[Samba] about printing

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Tue May 30 03:09:53 GMT 2006

Dear members of samba team
   I have a problem about samba realizing the function
of printing when studying the source of samba-2.2.8. I
want to know if the samba can realize printing a big
file. For example, the memory of my printing server is
limited to 20M, but I want to print a file beyond 20M,
how does the samba do? Can samba realize the big file
pinting  function by cutting the file into a few
pieces? I mans that  the big file will be devided into
several groups, and the first group of the file will
be sent to the memory for printing, then the next. The
big file will be printed one group after another. 
  I have being studyed the samba source for a few
days, but I could not find the answer of the problem.
I appreciate it if you could help me on the problem.
   I am looking forward to your reply.
                                       Yours sincerely
                                        Fanghua Chi 


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