[Samba] 3.0.23rc1 - Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_NOTIFY handler

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Sun May 28 18:34:57 GMT 2006

Volker Lendecke wrote:

>> [2006/05/25 15:25:42, 0] smbd/oplock_linux.c:linux_init_kernel_oplocks(247)
>>   Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
>> [2006/05/25 15:25:42, 0] smbd/notify_kernel.c:kernel_notify_init(224)
>>   Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_NOTIFY handler
> Is this a change from pre1? I'm not aware of any changes.
> Can we get a debug level 10 log and an strace of such a
> message?

Volker debugged this on my machine with following results (hope I 
understand it correct):

3.0.23rc1 uses 'AC_LIBTESTFUNC(rt, clock_gettime)' in configure.in, 
which leads to an smbd linked against pthreads which leads to an 
confused smbd which cannot SIGRTMIN.

Without this function smbd isn't linked to pthreads anymore and linux 
oplocks are available with glibc 2.2.5 and kernel 2.4.26-1.

Please accept this patch for configure.in, removing the function 
introduced in 15508 (Use clock_gettime for profiling timestamps if it is 
available. Use the fastest clock available on uniprocessors.):

--- configure.in.org    Sun May 28 19:22:51 2006
+++ configure.in        Sun May 28 19:22:57 2006
@@ -2024,8 +2024,6 @@
      AC_DEFINE(HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY_TZ,1,[Whether gettimeofday() is 

-AC_LIBTESTFUNC(rt, clock_gettime)
  AC_CACHE_CHECK([for va_copy],samba_cv_HAVE_VA_COPY,[
  AC_TRY_LINK([#include <stdarg.h>
  va_list ap1,ap2;], [va_copy(ap1,ap2);],

der tom

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