[Samba] Prolonged transfers turn hard drive into read-only.

Yung Hwa Kwon alex at still-water.com
Tue May 23 23:45:30 GMT 2006

Good day,

I'm hoping someone can provide me with some direction to get a samba  
(possibly) issue fixed.

After large/long transfers, usually couple hundred megs +, the disc  
I'm transferring the files turns into a read-only drive. I have to  
unmount and remount the drive for it to be writable again. I'm not a  
linux expert so I'm sure I didn't setup everything optimally. The  
drive it writes to is mdadm created RAID 1, so that may be a problem  
also, but I'd like to rule out samba first.

I'm running Fedora Core 5 (2.6.16-1.2096_FC5). Using mdadm to run  
RAID 1 over 2 250 gigs drives. Transfers were between a Mac OS X box  
and a Linux box, using Apple's SMB/CIFS. I'm not sure if this occurs  
during a Windows to Linux transfer, but my primary connections will  
be between Mac to Linux.

Any help or direction to resource would be awesome.


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