[Samba] LDAP Upgrades (both Unix and Samba

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Thu May 25 04:04:14 GMT 2006

Brian did you take a moment to think you should have a look at the Samba 
website. There you will find the official how to's - the ones that everyone 
should use instead of 3rd party crap.

Samba 3 By Example covers ldap step by step; almost fool proof.

Adrian Sender.

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Subject: [Samba] LDAP Upgrades (both Unix and Samba)
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Last Updated:  2006-05-23

I just upgraded our company's network from a system created 6 years ago (NIS 
and SMBPASSWD) to an up-to-date one (for 2006, at least) including a central 
LDAP server.  It was a far from painless experience, so I thought I'd write 
up the experience in the hope that it may help others.  If I've left 
anything out, please let me know. mailto:bcwhite at precidia.com (or if I've 
left there, mailto:bcwhite at pobox.com).

I used my own "cfile" utility (http://sf.net/projects/cfile) to manage all 
the configuration files across multiple machines. I hope to package it up 
for Debian soon.

Here's what I did...  Note that I'm using Debian 3.1 as my installed system.

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