[Samba] 3.0.14a does not work with 2003-SP1

Shelley, Brandon brandon.shelley at celcorp.com
Wed May 24 19:01:53 GMT 2006

I recently upgraded my 2003 DCs to SP1.  This broke Samba.  I have tested and retested samba on FC4 using version 3.0.14a (which claims to have fixed the problems with SP1 and Samba) but to no avail.  I then tried up upgrade to 3.0.22, but there are too many missing dependencies.  If anyone knows how I can either get around/fix the dependency problem or reconfigure 3.0.14a to work with SP!, please let me know.  Please feel free to reply to this post, or email me at brandon.shelley at celcorp.com.  Thank you all for any help you can offer me.
Required dependencies to upgrade to 3.0.22:
-samba-common = 0:3.0.22-2

Best Regards, 

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