[Samba] How-To questions... ldap.conf

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Wed May 24 18:33:37 GMT 2006

Ok, first of probably numerous questions.

In my FC5 setup, there are two ldap.conf files.


If I understand things properly, the first is used to tell NSS and PAM
modules to talk to LDAP.

The second is for LDAP clients.
(Is that right?)

However a further point also is confusing.

In the IDEALX how-to, the two files are configured differently, with
the first having only the HOST and BASE configuration items and the
second having those and items for the bind-root, NSS and SSL items.

However in the SBE (samba by example - Chapter 5, examples 5.4 and
5.5) show the same config file for both locations.

Will both work, with the /etc/openldap/ldap.conf simply ignoring the
items that don't apply to it?

Since I'm working on a how-to, knowing the answer would be helpful to
me and anyone that might read the result.

gregs at sloop.net

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