[Samba] samba-problems

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Wed May 24 02:05:19 GMT 2006

Fernando j Cabello wrote:

>  i am having some problems with my samba, it is runnig on an Slackware
>linux. I have arround 20 directories on it, were every day around 20
>users exchange files from them. The situation is that  when I try to get
>logg into one of this directories with one of the users(just with one
>user,) the loggin is not allowed. I had already delete this user, create
>it again.
> do you have any clue about it?
Your problem isn't clear. Is the user account having problem logging 
into the domain or is it having problems accessing the share? If it is 
having problems with the share, is it just one share or every share?

Your best bet is to try to isolate what is different about this account 
and/or the particular share. Is the account a member of the same 
group(s) as the other accounts. Do all the shares have the same access 
rights (look at both the Domain access rights and the Unix/Linux rights 
on the actual directory).

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