[Samba] URGENT: Samba Won't Substitute %u In "Logon *" When LDAP Is Used

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Tue May 23 02:31:15 GMT 2006

>>I don't have any values for these coming from LDAP.  
>>It's the smb.conf settings that aren't getting the
>>%u (lower-case "u") expanded.
> Lower '%u' can only be used in a share (as a general rule).

Ah.  Okay.  That would explain why it's wrong.  I used it previously 
(don't know the exact samba version) and it worked then so it must have 
broken when I upgraded samba.  Unfortunately, all the ldap changes went 
in at the same time so I assumed the problem had something to do with that.

Thanks for clarifying!

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