[Samba] copy of smbpasswd

Tom Haerens tom.haerens at sofico.be
Mon May 22 12:17:34 GMT 2006


I have to move our old samba file server to a new machine.
The old samba server was a RedHat8 with samba 2.2.5.  The new one is SLES9 
with samba 3.0.2b-3.4 SuSE

Is there a way to re-use the old smbpasswd file?

In the log-files I can see that the authentication fails when I try to 
access a shared folder.
A windows client keeps on asking the login and password.

Is it possible to re-use the smbpasswd file?

When I create a new smbpasswd file, everything works fine. 
But, I want to avoid that everybody has to re-enter his or her password...

Kind Regards,


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