[Samba] consistent id mapping between samba PDC and member server.

Roland Schwarz roland.schwarz at chello.at
Mon May 22 10:42:43 GMT 2006

Sorry for re-posting this, but I found that my original subject was 
"wrong" topic.

I have successfully setup a samba PDC with ldap backend. I am using the 
padl tools libnss_ldap and pam_ldap to tie in the linux users.

I have setup a second PC running samba in security domain mode using the 
PDC as password server. Also I am using winbind idmap ldap backend to 
store its mappings in ou=Idmap.

Now the problem: uid/gid mapping is consistent across all domain 
servers, except the PDC itself!
I am unable to convince winbind running on the PDC to use the ldap mappings.

How can I cure this?

Any hints appreciated!

Thank you,

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