[Samba] smbd not starting

EHines eehines at comcast.net
Sun May 21 00:04:59 GMT 2006

Burton B Williams wrote:
> Hey all,
>             I recently installed fedora core 5 and then installed samba. I
> however encountered a problem. The smbd thread would not start. Can anytone
> shead some light on why this might have happened. In the original
> installation of the OS I installed samba. However I encountered that same
> problem. The smbd would not start. I then tried installing samba from the
> source and still the same problem. I check the path of the smbd and it gave
> me the OS default path. I tried forcing the installation path but still the
> same problem. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated Thank you.
> -B
Sorry for the direct post....

You might try <chkconfig --list smb> (check the man page for the exact 
syntax) to check the status of your smb.  Then try <chkconfig --add smb> 
(again, checking the man page; I'm writing these commands from hazy 
memory).  Chkconfig is a useful utility for managing a number of 
services.  Eventually, you might find it useful for nmbd and winbindd, 

Eric Hines

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