[Samba] Performance issue on AIX when deleting files inadirectorywith a large number of files

Lund, Claus Claus.Lund at state.vt.us
Thu May 18 17:49:08 GMT 2006

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Subject: Re: [Samba] Performance issue on AIX when deleting files
inadirectory with a large number of files

> Ok - here is the patch. Bill - if you could test this on
> AIX by setting the (now per-share) parameter :
> "change notify timeout = 0"

Thanks Jeremy! I should have an answer for you on Monday morning.

> on the share definition that holds a large number of files,
> you might find a speed up. I can see the effect it has here
> when I disable the kernel and FAM based change notify.

You know, I was trying to manufacture a way to do this with DMAPI (which
supported on JFS2) and set an event on {postcreate, postdelete,
and check the errno value for success, but there seems to be absolutely
way to get the lib to do signalling. It appears to be a poll/select API.
Bummer....I wish IBM would put some of these cool Linux-only goodies in
their FS.



> Jeremy.

I have tested this patch (Samba 3.0.22 + Jeremy's patch) and everything
seems to be solid and it solves my problem.
I'll be putting it into production later this week.

Thank you very much,

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