[Samba] smbclient and large file support

Kevin Brown kdb at kerridge.com
Thu May 18 15:55:25 GMT 2006

I have installed samba 3.0.21c onto an AIX5.3 (ML3) server and trying to
copy files to a Samba server (an AIX5.2 ML4 server running the same Samba
vintage). This errors on files larger than 2GB. The binaries for this
version were pulled directly from the download area of samba.org. I am using
Samba as all other ports are blocked and cant use ftp etc. 

For example, the following command errors straight away:

:/ >/tmp/smbclient //testserver/tmp -U test%abc123 -c "recurse; prompt; lcd
/user1; mput testtar"
Domain=[Fred] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.21c]
file_find: cannot stat file ./traintar

Running from within the smb shell:

smb: \> put traintar
Error writing file: NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
putting file traintar as \traintar (9304.1 kb/s) (average 9304.1 kb/s)

but now a file gets copied to the Samba share but stops at 2GB.

Does anyone know if there are issues in this area or some version/setting I
have to use to overcome this problem.

Many thanks.
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