[Samba] Can't get past login window

c p tiwari cptiwarijbp at rediffmail.com
Fri May 19 10:13:20 GMT 2006

          First u make it sure that you are accessing it with correct alias share name.And you try this with cmd line from any linux machine

#smbclient -L //<server-ip> -N
Above cmd will display the share name (alias name).
#smbclient //<server-ip>/<sharename> -U <username>

If you are not able to access then verify the path of your samba share in configuration .


cp tiwari


On Fri, 19 May 2006 David Ackerman wrote :
>I am new at Samba.  I just about have it working.  From my windows XP
>client, I can access the workgroup and then see the server.  When I click on
>server to access network folders, the login pops up.  I put in the username
>and password (both of which are already in Samba).  The login window
>refreshes and I get in the login screen:  XXX/username, with XXX being the
>name of my local Windows XP computer.  I put in password and the window just
>refreshes the same and I can't get past it.  My /home directory is 777 and
>the user's directory is 700.  I am using Webmin as much as possible.  Any
>help will be great.  The answer is probably simple.  Thanks.
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