[Samba] giving user rights to files

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu May 18 08:30:22 GMT 2006

> As I'm using an LDAP directory to authenticate users, do I need to do
> modifications in nsswitch.conf on the PDC ? I think so, but I'm no
> sure. And on other file servers, is it required too ? I read the man
> page, I will try to find more informations by some google thing ;)

If ever you want to run 'ls -la' and see files owned by LDAP users, you
need to edit nsswitch.conf.  If you have other servers just looking at
the files it'll still work, they'll just be owned by e.g. 10000 in the
group 1000 - you'll see the numbers instead of the usernames.  There
are a few problems involved with synchronising these numbers between
multiple servers, so check the Samba manual for details.

> and I forgot to say that I'm using ACLs too on the shares. I don't
> think the command "chown g+s" will work with ACLs : what happens if
> several groups have rights on the share ?

I think you can set a 'default' ACL for this case - if you do this and
maybe also enable 'inherit ACLs' in smb.conf, it may work...


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